Thursday, 31 March 2016

Intech Systems Corp has a long-standing commitment, with a division exclusively dedicated to the high level of protection required by key government agencies, we provide, monitor and maintain cost-effective security solutions.

We service these contracts with the diversified support of our various certifications, thereby enabling our clients to meet their small business enterprise goals.

Creating Value Through People 

Process and Technology The Difference is about creating value not only through innovation, but also by ensuring projects deliver financial, operational, staff and business intelligence benefits.

We invests heavily in its in-house capability in order to provide customers throughout, in multiple industry sectors, with the best consultation and advice, patented integration resources and the widest possible range of solutions.

Intech Systems Corp has been providing independent expertise since 2007

:- Technical innovations allow us to adapt to changing requirements. 
:- Employees are developed to excel at delivering the highest level of service. 
:- Strong relationships equal understanding and inform systems and service delivery.
HR Payroll system Implemented at 3 locations
Three Web Application Implemented

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Our First Blog

Hi to all,

Implementing new projects with new features....